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How To Be The Batman For £6K Per Month

Do you want to be The Batman? do you really want to be The Batman? Well, you can for just £6,258 per month. That’ show much it will cost to lease Christian Bale’s iconic ‘Tumbler’ Batmobile from the Dark Knight movie series. And that’s not even the most expensive vehicle as the leasing comparison website,, revealed during research into the top 10 movie and TV car icons.

As the latest Batman movie hits cinemas over the weekend, crunched the numbers to find out how much iconic movie and TV vehicles, past and present, would cost to lease if they ever hit the car market on a three-year lease contract.

Topping the list of most expensive cars to lease is James Bond’s Aston Martin DB5. The silver coupe, which was first seen in Goldfinger, with Sean Connery at the wheel, last sold at auction for £3.45 million. Motorists would pay a staggering £28,787 per month to lease the Bond icon.

James Bond, Omega,

Whilst for most UK drivers such sums would be beyond their wildest dreams, many could afford Philip Glenisters Audi Quattro from BBC’s Ashes to Ashes. figures show, 2021’s average monthly lease cost was £331.97, the classic Quattro sold at auction for Children In Need in 2014 for £38,958 and would cost a more affordable £321.65 per month.’s Top 10 Most Expensive Movie/TV Cars

1. James Bond’s Aston Martin DB5 – £28,787.38 per month

2. Steve McQueen’s Bullitt Mustang GT390 – £23,155.06 per month

3. Christian Bale’s Tumbler Batmobile – £6,258.13 per month

4. Paul Walker’s The Fast & Furious Toyota Supra – £3,441.97 per month

5. Doc’s Back to the Future DeLorean DMC – £3,385.64 per month

6. Dukes of Hazard General Lee – £2,816.15 per month

7. Ghost Busters Ecto-1 – £1,473.38 per month

8. Herbie Fully Loaded – £671.88 per month

9. Del Boy’s Reliant Robin – £346.88 per month

10. Gene Hunt’s Ashes to Ashes Audi Quattro – £321.65 per month

Pricier than the Audi by £25 per month is Del Boy’s Trotter’s Independent Traders Reliant Robin which, based on a 2017 sale price of £41,625, would cost £346.88 per month. However, with four-wheel drive and, well four wheels, the Quattro is the more practical choice.

Steve McQueen Bullit - The Movie

Other cars with surprisingly sky-high monthly rentals include Steve McQueen’s Ford Mustang GT390 from the seminal 1968 classic Bullitt, costing just over £23,000 a month along with Paul Walker’s bright orange Toyota Supra from the Fast & Furious at £3,441 per month.

The Batman Movie 2022 - Movie Still
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