2022 Range Rover Review by the Daily Car Blog
2022 Range Rover Review
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Quick Facts
Model spec: Range Rover D350 HSE Price: £108,775.00 Engine: 3.0-L, 6-cylinder, Twin Turbo Diesel 48V ISG
BHP / Torque: 345 / 516lb ft Max Speed: 145 CO2: 198g/km 0-62mph: 6.1 seconds
Economy/Range: 30mpg combined Tax: £500/year

We’re not allowed to show you the new 2022 Range Rover with images other than those supplied to us by Land Rover. Land Rover’s dictatorial PR team insists that all media publications only use official press images for reviews. Even Steve Cropley of Autocar has mildly ranted about this state of affairs. For a veteran industry figurehead such as Steve Cropley even to raise a glass of disapproval so publically is a sign of his annoyance. However Cropley is a pro, and his criticisms of Land Rover are gently conveyed. The problem is that every media outlet obeyed. Collectively, they should have told Land Rover officials to speak to the hand. They should have walked away. But they can’t because, in many ways, the motoring media have become hostages to extremist elements that sadly exist in the car industry.

Land Rover wants the media to present sanitized and over-processed imagery of the new Range Rover because their heads are so far up their backsides that they can only see the darkness. But they, Autocar, have to tread on thin ice when dealing with such institutions. The big motoring publications (as Martin would say) the “established” motoring publications are basically funded by the motor industry. A bigoted and institutionally racist company such as Land Rover has a marketing budget to spend.

And a revered institution such as Autocar would dearly like Land Rover to advertise on its website and print publications. Can such a close relationship provide you the reader with a fair analysis/review of the 2022 Range Rover? I can’t say, either way, that’s for the reader to decide. But if you read Autocar’s comments section, the readers are countering the narrative presented to them.

For example, when comparing the Jaguar XF estate with the BMW 3 Series Touring, Autocar gave the honors to the XF. Everybody knows the BMW despite having a smaller engine and smaller road presence is far superior. Is this an example of Autocar manufacturing consent in a bid to appease mighty Lord Jaguar Land Rover’s advertising, sales and marketing department?

It is impossible to say (AHEM!), certainly, Autocar’s readers called out the review for what it was in the comments section. Nevertheless, the conclusion is that motoring journalism is dead and it died because motoring publications can not exist without the support of car a manufacturers’ advertising budget.

It is a vicious circle folks… but in defense of journalism, motoring journalism is dead.

2022 Range Rover Review by the Daily Car Blog
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