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Lincoln Star Concept SUV, Just Another EV Concept?
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Car manufacturers have no shortage of design talent. But what do you do with this talent once a product development life cycle has ended? You put these designers to work by enslaving and chaining them to their desks. And you force them to conjure up a magnificent-looking concept. That’s exactly the process Lincoln used when developing the Star Concept SUV EV. The legal team has told me to make it clear Lincoln does not chain its employees to their desks nor are Lincoln employees enslaved in any manner. They are free tax paying law-abiding Americans. Anyway, back to the subject.

Lincoln is thinking ahead, far ahead to a time when the switch from ICE-powered cars to full EV powertrains is complete. However, America has a complex political and business lifecycle in that big business is embedded into the very core of America’s political establishment. To be concise, the politicians work for big business and the voting public are props for election campaigns.

Lincoln Star Concept SUV EV - Dailycarblog

America’s fossil fuel industry has deep pockets and buys political favor to further their business interests. These companies can spend a few million on political capital and earn billions in return. As a result of this pre-existing condition, America’s sustainable, greener future may be out of reach for many decades to come.

Lincoln Star Concept SUV EV - Interior - Dailycarblog

But America’s political system isn’t worrying Lincoln, the luxury car brand from Ford. The Lincoln Star Concept is a preview of the company’s electric car offering. When a car company uses the term “electrification” it is just another way of saying “fossil fuel” powered cars will not die any time soon.

Lincoln Star Concept SUV EV - Profile - Dailycarblog

However, the car of the future will drive you. The car of the future will be about relaxation between journeys. The car of the future will still run on gas. To be fair, the Lincoln car of the future will include 3 pure electric models by 2026.

But for now, we can bask in the glory of the Star Concept SUV, a concept that will never come to pass as it is seen now.

Lincoln Star Concept SUV EV - Hero Image - Dailycarblog
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