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TVR, The Dodo of Supercars, Claims To Be Going Fully Electric… AHEM!
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You know the other day we here at DCBHQ were thinking, the latter being a very difficult process for all of us, we were thinking where is TVR? Where is the TVR V8-powered Griffith that was promised back in 2019? TVR has been under new ownership since 2014. Not long after work began on a Gordon Murray designed Griffith, this was meant to be a V8-powered resurrection of the TVR brand.

A working prototype was built, customer deposits were taken, production deadlines were missed. The all-new Griffith was meant to be ready for 2018.  TVR bought a new production facility in Wales. However, TVR later explained that the Wales production site would need extensive redevelopment to be fit for purpose which meant a further 18-month delay.

In addition, TVR’s production facility is over 200,000 square feet, it’s massive overkill for a company that aims to sell 500 units in its first year of live production. As an example, in 2021 Lotus Cars completed a new assembly facility totaling 129,000 square feet. And Lotus actually makes cars. TVR doesn’t make any sense on any level.

Whenever TVR make an announcement the automotive press gives them full uncritical access. TVR is going to introduce a fully electric powertrain, says smooth-talking Chairman Les Edgar. Edgar hasn’t announced any partnership with any electric car component supplier. We just take his word for it despite not delivering on any milestones.

Autocar did rcently report TVR had signed a joint venture with Ensorcia Metals, an American mining firm extracting rare earth materials, including Lithium. So TVR has got a supply of batteries for the TVR Griffith EV. But where are they sourcing the hardware from, the electric motors? What is the range going to be?

Will the TVR EV offer supercharging? How powerful will the TVR be? We don’t know because details have not been revealed. TVR has revealed that they will be sponsoring three Formula E race events in 2022. Formula E is the fully electric version of Formula One. Why are they wasting money on sponsorship when they should be focused on manufacturing?

The sponsorship of Formula E is, presumably, to raise TVR’s brand awareness. How do you raise the awareness of a product that is persistently delayed and doesn’t exist? Who is doing the marketing over at TVR? Papa Bear?

If the TVR Dodo ever comes to pass we will eat our hats, pay our rent on time and give back the Covid government loans on time and with interest. But that will never happen because the TVR Dodo is dead and its corpse is being propped up by nothing more than goodwill.

TVR Griffith Dodo Daily Car Blog
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