Peugeot Shows Off Fractal Design Concept
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Peugeot have a habit of churning out brilliant, heart stopping concepts. And never making them. As we always like to remind you auto concepts are designed to hint at future styling directions. So a planned update of the 508 may well get a new headlight design influenced by such concepts. That is all. Nevertheless Peugeot will take its Fractal Design concept to the Frankfurt Auto Show on September 15th. But if you can’t make it to the show here it is for your eyes only. Peugeot-Fractal-Concept-Front So what’s the philosophy behind the Fractal concept? Peugeot say it represents a prospective design for a compact coupe/convertible. Yeah…. At 3.81 meters in length and 1.77 meters in width the Fractal concept is just that, that is to say its compact. But not so much that it can’t fit a set of 19-inch alloy wheels. Peugeot-Fractal-Concept-Rear PSA say the Fractal concept is a design and technology study, the body is made out of lightweight materials and its powered by electric powertrain. The Fractal concept has a theoretical range of 280 miles and can cover 0-62mph in 6.8 seconds, it also has adjustable air springs to improve aerodynamics when travelling at speed. Peugeot-Fractal-Concept-Interior The cabin is said to made from 3D printed parts and we feel this is what Peugeot want to really demonstrate with the Fractal concept. 3D printed parts are cheaper and faster to make than traditional production techniques allow and though the technology is still being refined it will form the basis for next generation car production.  Peugeot-Fractal-Concept-Profile
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