Lamborghini LB744 - Aventador
The Lamborghini LB744 Is A V12 Steam Train On Life Support
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This is the Lamborghini LB744, the next-generation replacement for the flagship Aventador, albeit shown in its a carbon fibre exoskeleton guise. It’s a fascinating convergence of old-school mechanical engineering merged with the latest hybrid powertrain, housed within a carbon-fibre ‘skull”. The LB744 carbon fibre/aluminum chassis is 10 percent lighter and 25 percent stiffer than the one it replaces. The naturally aspirated 814bhp/725Nm torque V12 is boosted by Plug-in Hybrid technology. Three electric motors, two up-front and one in the rear, will increase power to 1,001bhp.

The 3.8 kWh battery is integrated into the transmission tunnel and should provide around 10 miles of electric range. The next generation Aventador will be officially revealed later this month, for all the engineering and development work on display, the LB744 mirrors a transitional migration being currently undertaken all car manufacturers, big and small.

However, I can’t help but think that the Lamborghini LB744 is the endpoint, the beginning of the end of the gasoline engine. Putting aside the environmental issues concerning the car industry and the aligned interests of the oil and gas industries, the LB744 is a life support system and one day the switch will be flicked off.

What if the 2035 ban on the sale of new petrol and diesel cars never existed? eventually, the car industry would have phased out the internal combustion engine and made the switch to electric motors.

However, Lamborghini and its owners Volkswagen, do not want gasoline cars banned at all, despite adopting the image of being concerned for the environment. Hybrids and plugin-hybrids are a way of keeping the internal combustion engine alive. The time will come when electric cars begin to outpace gasoline cars in terms of efficiency, the performance and technology are superior.

If you compare the relatively simple electric powertrain to the LB744, it soon becomes apparent that the LB744 is overly complex. It’s fascinating engineering, but next to an electric car, it looks like a steam train in the age of a future Blade Runner world…today.

One day into the future, beyond 2035, those car manufacturers bound to the gasoline age will eventually realize that the game is over, the survival instincts will kick in and it will be pure economics, not saving the environment that will see the end of the petrol and diesel car. And that is why plugin-hybrids are life support measures to temporarily extend the age of liquid dinosaur-fueled cars.

Lamborghini LB744 - Aventador
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