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What is The Xpeng P5 To The Europeans?
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The Xpeng P5 is an all-electric car from Chinese carmaker Xpeng. It is being sold to mainly Nordic aligned countries. Denmark, Norway, Sweden and the Netherlands. Firstly, Xpeng was founded in 2014, is backed by the Chinese state and raised over $400M of funding from investors that included Alibaba, Qatar Investment Authority and Abu Dhabi’s sovereign wealth fund Mubadala. So Xpeng is well funded and the P5 represents the third model in the company’s small product offering.

The pure-electric Xpeng P5 has been on sale in China for over a year. And now the Xpeng is expanding P5 sales into Europe. The P5 is initially limited to Nordic countries where the uptake of electric cars is very high.

Xpeng P5 electric car - Rear - Daily Car Blog

The Xpeng P5 uses a single electric motor which is powered by a 66 kWh battery pack. Total system power is 211 hp and 228 lb-ft (310 Nm) of torque. Performance is reasonably good, the 0-62 mph (0-100 km/h) time takes 7.5 and the top speed is 99mpg.

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However the P5 isn’t just about performance, it has a claimed range of 465 km (289 miles). It also supports fast charging of up to 70kW, charging the battery from 30 percent to 80 percent takes 36 minutes.

The P5 includes Xpeng’s proprietary XPILOT 2.5 as standard. This self-driving feature utilizes 5 cameras, radars and ultrasonic wave sensors to drive so you don’t have to when you don’t feel like it.

Xpeng P5 electric car - Daily Car Blog

XPILOT also includes Lane Change assist, Cruise control and Lane Centering. This hands-free means of traveling will allow you to access a 15.6-inch infotainment system which is orientated in a portrait position.

The Xpeng P5 has many more features and tech,l too many to list. But it does normal things like being offered in 5 colours. Prices start from $48K to $56k depending on which Nordic country offers the most electric car subsidy.

So what is the Xpeng P5 to Europe? it is the start of the Chinese century.

Xpeng P5 electric car - Hero Image - Daily Car Blog
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