Tobias Moers is no longer CEO of Aston Martin
Aston Martin in Disarray As CEO Tobias Moers is Given Marching Orders
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The former boss of Mercedes AMG, Tobias Moers, who was appointed as the CEO of Aston Martin in 2020 has been told to get out of the building. Various media reports have suggested that Moers, while ushering in a new period of discipline, had a robust style of management that caused morale to plummet among staff. A number of senior employees are said to have exited Aston Martin, due in part to the Moers brand of management. The now-former CEO of Aston Martin will leave with immediate effect. Moers’ replacement will be the former CEO of Ferrari, Amedeo Felisa. Felisa was in charge of the prancing horse from 2008 until 2016 and is also a current non-executive board member of Aston Martin.

It is very unusual for a CEO to be replaced “with immediate effect”. And when such a scenario is played out, the reason often cited is due to severe mismanagement, corruption, or personal issues. If the reports are accurate, then clearly a lot of senior executives had personal issues with Moers. Perhaps the exodus of Aston Martin staff narrative is a PR false flag. One can speculate that the real reason why Moers was given the boot is that he had major disagreements with Lawrence Stroll, the co-owner of Aston Martin.

On top of his CEO duties, Tobias Moers also had the additional role of Chief Technical Officer to complement his expert engineering background. But it seems his disciplined approach not only fell out of favor with senior executives but also with Stroll himself. The removal of Moers has nothing to do with Aston’s first-quarter pre-tax loss of £111M. Slightly higher than predicted, but expected. After all, Moers was 2 years into a 5-year turnaround plan.

Nevertheless, Aston Martin shares rose 7 percent to 905.26p on the news of Moers’ removal, and at one point reached 11 percent. Stroll went on to clarify that he was now seeking someone “who understood and experienced luxury and higher price products” and a more “collaborative approach to management”.

It seems Amedeo Felisa is that person, one who can stablise Aston Martin’s flow of leaking management personnel. But for how long is the real question.

Tobias Moers is no longer CEO of Aston Martin
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