Elon Musk in meeting, very serious
Is Automotive News Trying To Short Tesla Stock?
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Automotive News is based in America and is a news organization written for the automotive news industry. It s a venerated publication, however as with all established media, or mainstream media it can become captured to serve the needs of corporate missions. The publication recently ran a headline story featuring Elon Musk, the headlines read: Tesla watchers worry that Elon Musk is too distracted. Elon Musk runs multiple compnies which have seen growth, Tesla and SpaceX in particular. If he wasn’t distracted previously why should Musk suddenly become distracted by his recent purchase of Twitter?

The article by Automotive News refers to industry analysts, among whom is a Twitter user going by the name of @TroyTeslike. The Twitter account is supported by Patreon. It appears that either Automotive News and industry analysts observing Musk and Tesla don’t understand the simple equation of what goes up must come down. Every company that has ever existed has experienced profits and loss, this is how capitalism works. This is how the stock markets work.

The article also cites numerous problems currently affecting Tesla, Shanghai production being halted due to Covid lockdowns. The global chip shortage, and the Ukraine crisis (which has been orchestrated by American meddling). In addition, Tesla is subject to regulatory scrutiny over the company’s self-driving technology. Making cars safer to drive should always be subject to scrutiny.

Does Automotive News not realise that every company is subject to the ebbs and flows of existence? Of course, they do. As it turns out the article was sponsored by  S&P Global, a financial information and analytics company. Does S&P Global have a vested interest in creating a negative narrative around Tesla? Or was this article published as a hit piece on the state of Elon Musk’s mental state?

One can not be certain, but it is a strange article and one has to ask if it is designed to make investors think twice about investing in Tesla. After all, investors and sellers read these articles as a way to determine the future of stock holdings. Despite the availability of data and analysis, the stock market is and always will be driven by human confidence.

When he purchased Twitter, Elon Musk said negative stories about him would begin to appear. It seems the character assassination has begun. The Twitter purchase is another story altogether.

Elon Musk in meeting, very serious
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