Elon Musk standing next to the Tesla Cybertruck 2022
Tesla Stops Taking Cybertruck Orders Due To Ridiculously High Demand
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Any car company would love to be in the position of having a pre-order book exceeding demand. Tesla is facing such a position with the Cybertruck, demand has been so high that Tesla has stopped taking orders outside of North America and Mexico. The Cybertruck is currently a pre-order buying purchase with production scheduled for the first quarter of 2023. With its unique design philosophy, the Cybertruck is a pickup like none other.

The Cybertruck was first revealed in 2019, with production and first deliveries originally planned for 2022. The delays only served to increase demand. However, during a recent interview at a conference on the future of the car industry Musk gave an update.

Elon Musk:

Elon Musk talking and holding a microphone

“We have more orders of the first Cybertrucks than we could possibly fulfil for three years after the start of production, demand for some of our vehicles exceeds production to a ridiculous degree.”

The Cybertruck will be built at Tesla’s brand new Gigafactory in Texas, the largest production facility of its type. The entry-level price is expected to be around $40,000 for the single motor variant.

Prices will rise to $50,000 for the Dual Motor AWD version and $70,000 for the Tri-Motor AWD edition.

Elon Musk standing next to the Tesla Cybertruck 2022
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