Fake INEOS Land Rover Price Tag
The INEOS Fake Land Rover Vanity Project Gets A Price Tag
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For a British motoring journalist, the INEOS Fake Land Rover is a brilliant bit of British owned, foreign-built engineering. Ra-ra-ra-, flag-flag-flag, wave-wave-wave. In reality, the INEOS Fake Land Rover is a despicable act of copyright infringement. It is a hideous copy-paste vanity project paid for by an out-of-touch billionaire who hires grammatically perfect mercenaries to manufacture consent. These mercenaries are the best motoring journalists in the business and their bullets are served as word salads. They rapid-fire rounds of words in a hail of sentences to assure the out-of-touch billionaire that he isn’t out of touch with reality. The he, the him, the billionaire is Sir Jim Ratcliffe. Ratcliffe’s journey to copy/paste resurrection was sparked when Land Rover ended production of the iconic Defender to make way for the next generation. He couldn’t imagine a world without a Defender. So instead of buying a used vehicle, he decided to make a Defender in his vision.

The problem is Ratcliffe’s vision looks 99.5 percent similar to the previous generation Defender. How do you tell an out-of-touch billionaire that his fake Land Rover Defender looks like a Defender? You don’t say a word. You let the thought Police guard your language and allow the out-of-touch billionaire space to believe he is the progenitor of originality. The next stage is trying to sell this narrative to the public, who in the mind’s eye of the billionaire and hacks, are no more than useful idiots.

The next stage is to enlist the best of the best motoring journalists to sell a blatant, in-your-face lie. They, the motoring hacks, say the INEOS Fake Land Rover is a tribute to the Defender. They, the motoring journalists, are manufacturing consent. Only the very best journalists, the most ambitious, the most sociopathic are able to take on this task of engaging in a misinformation campaign. The latter is why motoring journalism is dead because the best are slowly killing it.

The INEOS Fake Land Rover now has a price tag, it will cost you £50,000 GBP. The latter is not fake news, it’s for real. Welcome to the reality of the INEOS Fake Land Rover, the automotive equivalent of a Bee Gees tribute act.

Fake INEOS Land Rover Price Tag
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