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Why Personalised Plate Sales Are At A Record High in 2022

Personalised number plates have been around for quite some time, but recently – more people than ever before are getting personalised number plates for their own vehicles.

But why did it take until 2022 for private number plates to grow in such high demand?

If we take a look at private number plates – nothing has changed. They haven’t dropped in price or have become so affordable that everyone can get one. If it’s got nothing to do with price – why are there over 45 million private number plates in existence?

In this article, we will take a more in-depth look at the topic and find out why personalised plates are at a record high in 2022.

Read on to learn more.

Number Plates Can Be Used As An investment

There are a lot of number plates that cost far more money than the average person could imagine. And due to that – many number plates on the market are bought as an investment and are later sold for profit when the right opportunity comes across.

Number Plates how to invest and become rich,

For example – the 25 O number plate was purchased by a classic car dealer and collector John Collins for the whopping £518,000. And as you could imagine – such large figures for a private number plate have attracted many eyeballs that want a piece of the pie.

And all those extra eyeballs are part of the reason behind the record high numbers of private plate car owners in the United Kingdom.

Personalised Plates Can Prevent Theft

This is one of the least obvious benefits of personalised plates. However, people are starting to discover that personalised license plates can deter thieves who are attracted to your car. And since you want to protect your car from theft and damage as much as possible, having a private number plate is a huge benefit.

This is because criminals want to be organised and anonymous when committing crimes. And since private plates are generally easier to remember – there might be more witnesses that remember important details such as your number plate before calling the police.

Can Be Used As Advertising

Another advantage of personalised number plates that people are only starting to discover now is the potential of using a number plate as a platform for advertising a business or a brand. If you run a business or a company, advertising is important. In fact, many people consider it a well-known rule that you should take whatever good advertising opportunities come your way.


And if you’re creative enough, a personalised plate could be a great way to promote your company and make it stand out. For example, you can place a witty number or combination on the plates of a company car so that people immediately know what the company is. Or, you can opt for a subtle hint to your business on your personal car that could be a cool detail that only people close to you will understand.

They Don’t Get Old

If your number plate symbolises something that is important to you – such as your business, your own name, or even your birth date – you will never get tired of the number plate and will enjoy it for the years to come. And even if you decide to change cars – you can still bring your private plate with you.

Private Plates Hide the Age of Your Car

Another reason why personalised plates are growing in popularity is because they can actually hide the year when your car was made. And because the people of today are very concerned with how they appear to other people – having a car with a number plate that hides its year can stop people from worrying that their car might seem old to other people.

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And in some cases – this method alone prevents some people from buying a new car every couple of years to keep up with their image. In such cases, some people even save a lot of money from just having a private plate.

Private Plates Can Symbolise Something Important

Another key reason people are personalising their plates is because of personal reasons. During the last few years, we were all able to realise the things that were really important and significant to us. And for many people, that could be a simple number or letter combination that they would like to have on a number plate. On the other hand, people also like to have their name, birth date, or even business name on their number plate – which is one of the bigger reasons why the growth in private number plates has grown so much in 2022.

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