Autogefuhl reviews the new 2022 Range Rover
Autogefuhl’s Range Rover Review Be Like… In Full Screen And Full HD!

Primetime YouTuber Autogefuhl gets behind the wheel of the all new Range Rover. Autogefuhl proudly reveals the new flagship V8 powered Range Rover features a mahoosive power plant… from BMW. Surprisingly Autogefuhl doesn’t flag wave like he ought to. Nor does he poke the British to the point of provocation. The all new flagship Range Rover powered by a BMW V8 is a failure. A BMW powered Range Rover is a failure by Land Rover to invest in its future, it is an admission that Land Rover’s Ingenium powertrain is a failure.

Where is the self-made, self-funded British pride? The new 2022 flagship Range Rover powered by a BMW engine is symbolic of what a post-apocalyptic Brexit may look like, a mysterious shambles strewn with the debris of little Englanders, navel gazing with their fake British pride and war torn bag of fish and chips. The new Range Rover is the Azov Battalion because people will overlook what the badge actually symbolises.

Anyway, enough Land Rover bashing. We here at DCBHQ are meant to be on a different path, the route to our journey has changed. It may not last very long, the exit is not far away. You never got to know us, who we are or why we do what we do, because we wanted it that way. With the time we have remaining, however long that may be, we’re going to go back to basics.

Its time to enjoy cars again, before our minds were polluted by a slick press release and a handful of duplicitous PR sociopaths. For us, there will always be exceptions, we refuse to enjoy Renault, Mazda, Nissan and Hyundai.

What we do enjoy is Autogfuhl’s expert analysis of the Range Rover’s quirks and irritating features. He really does not hold back on his criticisms of the clear cost cutting gone into a vehicle costing over £100K. Watch it now, in full screen and full HD! Let’s go!

Autogefuhl reviews the new 2022 Range Rover
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