James May Red Wine
James May Makes A Declaration To Overthrow The British Monarchy With The Power of Red Wine

We’re a bit worried for James May, DriveTribe’s Audience Aquitsition Director has found yet another way to drive more traffic to it’s YouTube channel. Simply feature more James May. But it seems Mr. Slowly is being force-fed a diet of red, red wine in a pub setting. May is a keen red, red wine connoisseur but we do think he drinks rather too much. He is a high functioning alcoholic, able to be sloshed and talk sense while declaring anyone is his “best friend”.

But DriveTribe’s Audience Aquisition Director should have a sense of shame. They are, inadvertently, promoting drink driving. Rosie cheeked May waffles on about his love of the Rolls Royce Corniche, he first saw one as a kid, being driven by the British Royal family.

However, because he did not receive any kind of reciprocal “Royal” wave he became a staunch anti-royalist. But there is a twist to this mundane story, he became a Rolls Royce fanboy. The End.

James May Red Wine
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