Mat Watson reviews the 2022 Lotus Emira
Carwow’s Mat Watson Can’t Believe How Good The Lotus Emira Really Is

We here at DCBHQ really hope the days of Lotus struggling to struggle are well and truly over. The company is under new ownership and the new owners have deep pockets. That being said Lotus has always been owned by companies with deep pockets, but previous owners never put their money where their mouth was. Yet Lotus made great cars while running on nearly empty tanks.

The Emira is Lotus reborn, in many ways, it is a next-generation pathfinder to a more promising future. The future isn’t orange, it isn’t yellow, it will be electric. Mat Watson of Carwow, who needs no introduction, gets behind the wheel of the Emira for the very first time. And he gets to test the Emira around Lotus’ private test track.

Watson considers the Emira to be a budget Ferrari F8 Tributo. But that’s like saying the F8 Tributo is a budget rocket ship. Nevertheless, the Emira gets a big thumbs up from Watson.

Mat Watson reviews the 2022 Lotus Emira
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