Mr Beast Lamborghini Give Away
Given The Choice, Would You Buy A House or A Lamborghini?

With popularity that defies logic, YouTuber Mr. Beast asks the out-of-touch with reality question, “would YOU rather have a Lamborghini or this house?”. Given that the homeless population in the USA is estimated to be over 500,000 it’s wise to assume that the homeless population in America would indeed choose a house over a Lamborghini. That is if they can even watch YouTube.

But America’s poverty rates are equally as concerning, an estimated 42 million people live below the national poverty line. One person not worried about America’s homelessness or national poverty rate is American Mr. Beast. The YouTuber has a subscriber base totaling 97M.

With such a massive YouTube audience Mr. Beast can afford to give away a house because people are litterally giving money away to Mr Beats. There is a catch here, people must be willing to put themselves through humiliating challenges. This is what the internet was designed for.

Mr Beast Lamborghini Give Away
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