Pierre Gasly suffering from Stockholm Syndrome
Red Bull Hostage Crisis: Pierre Gasly Suffering From Stockholm Syndrome
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Pierre Gasly is currently incarcerated within the Red Bull F1 vortex, chained to AlphaTauri as if awaiting execution. Like all hostage victims, Gasly is blind-folded, constantly moved from one place to another. First Torro Rosso, then Red Bull. Then he was moved back to Torro Rosso. In a bid to hide Gasly’s whereabouts Torro Rosso changed its name to Alpha Tauri. Gasly has had plenty of opportunities to escape, Red Bull even left the gates of his prison doors wide open. However, after much analysis, it is believed by many that Gasly is suffering from Stockholm Syndrome. After years of captivity, Gasly has accepted fate is not in his hands and identified with his captors.

Gasly is permanently trapped within the Red Bull driver program, he has the speed but lacks the temperament to drive for Red Bull proper. In Formula One you need more than speed, you need calmness and a level-headed approach. And when the anger rises to the surface you have to learn how to control it to your advantage.

The Frenchman needs to leave the Red Bull driver prison and stand on his own two feet if he is ever to progress. Sergio Perez recently cemented his position within Red Bull F1, bolstered by a strong start to the season and win at Monaco. Perez lies third in the driver’s standings just 15 points behind the number 1 at Red Bull, Max Verstappen.

pierre Gasly suffering from Stockholm Syndrome

For his 2022 efforts, Perez was rewarded with a two-year contract extension while Gasly is under contract until the end of 2023. One would think that Gasly can see the writing on his prison wall. The gates are wide open with a big red arrow sign pointing towards the exit. Yet Gasly remains hopeful that an opening at Red Bull will one day materialise. It hasn’t and it never will, for Gasly is chained to Alpha Tauri because Red Bull wants it that way.

Mad Dog Helmut Marko, Red Bull’s romper stomper, thinks it would be unwise for Gasly to plan his escape after 2023. Marko’s argument is that there is no better alternative available for Gasly. Speaking to German F1 media the Mad Dog explained:

Mad Dog Marko, dailycarblog

“We have to see what happens after 2023. What is the alternative for him? I don’t think at the moment there is an alternative that would be significantly better than AlphaTauri.”

“If you look at Red Bull’s history, there is one particular characteristic that sets us apart – our continuity and planning ahead,” added Marko.”

“Before Perez signed his [new] contract, of course, I spoke to Gasly.”

For Gasly to prosper in F1 he must escape his Red Bull captors, to remain intentionally imprisoned is admitting defeat. Gasly must begin planning for the new French resistance.

Pierre Gasly suffering from Stockholm Syndrome
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