Autogefuhl, Shuffle Shuffle, Yah Yah, Huh-Huh, BMW X1 Series

We were never too impressed by the previous-generation BMW X1 Series. It was overrated by motoring journalists willingly propping up BMW’s propaganda wing otherwise known as the PR department. The marketing department next door serves only to spread more lies, it’s all part of the slippery slope called the sales-funnel.

So the PR and marketing say “hey we’ve got a great product, why not take a look”. And when you take a look, unwittingly you fall into the sales funnel. Its measurable success plotted on a nicely curved graph.

You, my friend, you are and always will be a number to BMW. Nevertheless, the new X1 SUV finally looks like an enticing proposition, a step up from the previous awkwared-looking generation.

Secret undercover BMW agent, Autogefuhl takes a look at the all-new X1 Series SUV. In full screen and now in ultra HD.

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