Cars And Coffee disasters
This Is Why Cars And Coffee meets Should be Banned

We here are not big fans of these so-called “cars and coffee” American in origin meetups. America is the home to great ideas such as Silicon Valley, the invasion of Iraq, the Industrial Military Complex, trying to ferment a coup in Venezuela. I mean Americans don’t have “guns and coffee” meetups or at least we think they don’t, perhaps the 2nd Amendment allows for such gatherings. These Cars & Coffee meetups are reminiscent of a militia, an unregulated militia.

We noticed that most of the participants who end up crashing are owners of RWD, predominantly Muscle Cars. And the owners appear to be gluttonous minded “dudes” on a mission to be the ultimate alpha “dude”.

Often accidents occur after the meetup has concluded. Our hope is that one day these events get banned. A supercar should be driven, the mystery is in capturing a fleeting glance before it speeds away to be heard but never seen again.

Cars And Coffee disasters
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