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A Petrolhead’s Guide To Making A Motorhome Awesome

Do you own a campervan? If so, you likely take it to places whenever you’ve got some free time for a few days.

Perhaps you and the family enjoy spending quality time together at places like Shell Island in Wales, or you may prefer doing whistle-stop tours of the British Isles in your trusty camper.

You’re probably reading this blog post because you’re a petrolhead, and you’ve likely done a few choice modifications to your motors over the years.

But, you need a little inspiration on how to improve your motorhome and give it the Pimp My Ride treatment (although on a more subtle scale!). Without further ado, check out the following tips that all petrolhead motorhome owners like yourself can follow:

Alloy Wheels With 4×4 Tyres

One of the most popular upgrades to make on any campervan relates to the wheels. As you know, most motorhomes come with standard 15″ or 16″ steel rims and some wheel trims if you’re lucky.

As a petrolhead, you know that just won’t do, so it makes sense to upgrade to alloy wheels. Try to choose some that are load-rated for vans as motorhomes are quite heavy, and consider getting 4×4 tyres for them like BFGoodrich All Terrain tyres.

Suspension Upgrade

As you can imagine, the various suspension components on a van lead a tough life and can soon become worn and tired after a few years.

When you drive a motorhome, you don’t want it to feel like you’re navigating the road in a barge, so it’s a good idea to ensure the suspension is in tip-top condition.

At the very least, you should upgrade the springs, shock absorbers, top strut mounts, and the rubber bushes used in the anti-roll bars. Some vans have leaf springs at the rear; make sure those aren’t corroded and losing their strength.

Roof-Mounted Solar Panels

Most people tend to take out their campervans when the sun is blazing. If you’re such an individual, why not take advantage of that fact by harnessing the sun’s free energy and storing it in some motorhome batteries.

Volkner Mobil $2m Luury Motorhome - Dailycarblog

You can use such batteries to power devices like fridges, charge mobile devices, and provide off-grid power if you don’t use a campsite with hook-up facilities.

Interior LED Lighting

LED lighting doesn’t just offer crisp illumination, it also uses considerably less electricity than regular halogen bulbs.

That’s great news if you need to use your interior lighting with the engine off or you aren’t connected to an electricity source.

Motorised Sky TV Dish

Do you have a TV in your motorhome? If so, enjoy the benefits of Sky TV from home while you’re on the go! It’s possible to buy motorised Sky dishes that you can mount on your roof or use at ground level.

Aftermarket Audio Install

Lastly, everyone knows that standard van audio systems are less than mediocre at best. It doesn’t cost much money to upgrade the head unit and install some aftermarket speakers powered by an amplifier for superior sound quality.

Dembell Motorhome Review by Enes Yilmazer - Daily Car Blog
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