Alex Kersten Alpha Male Contest
Alex Kersten Wins Alpha Male Contest During Eye Staring Standoff

Alex Kersten, who put the audio-visual oomph into Carthrottle, is now working for himself. Kersten, AKA Big Al, set up his own YouTube channel a few months ago. The dude is already monetizing his content. Big Al’s YouTube channel focuses on used cars and the journey it takes to get an old banger back on the road and healthy again.

You have got to hand it to Big Al, his influence within the auto industry is such that he could have clicked his fingers and reviewed new cars for a living. But no, he had an idea of being a jack of all things about used cars.

And in this video, Big Al starts with an eye staring contest with a mechanic because Al (AKA Alex Kersten) wants to show he is the dominant one. Psychologists refer to the dominant eye-staring alpha male exhibiting the Napolean complex“.

Anyway, after imposing his dominance, Big Al puts his mechanic to work by installing a hybrid turbo onto his latest acquisition, a high-mileage Fiat Coupe.

Alex Kersten Alpha Male Contest
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