BMW M2 Coupe - Better than a shooting star?
BMW Going Conservative For The M2 According To Official Teaser Images
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The second generation BMW M2 for sale is expected to launch on October 11. To pre-empt the spy photographer community DER BMW has revealed official teaser images of the M2 wrapped in a camouflage skin during a choreographed test session. From what one can see, it looks as though BMW is keeping things very tight with the design. In other words, BMW is keeping it tasteful with an exterior design based on the old classic concept of proportionality rather than pushing the limits of design despair.

But the exterior design isn’t what BMW M cars are all about because an M car is always about the performance. What we do know is that the next generation BMW M2 for sale will feature the powertrain and mechanicals from the current BMW M3, albeit the engine will be detuned. So expect the new M2 to make use of the M3’s 3.0-litre twin-turbo straight-6 with an expected power output of around 450bhp.

For some reason, customers will be offered a six-speed manual transmission even though the vast majority of prospective owners will opt for the eight-speed auto. Of course, this being a BMW M Performance, power will be sent to the rear wheels. My personal preference would be to go for the all-wheel xDrive variant for stability and traction, but it won’t arrive until a yet-to-be-specified date.

The M2 will be offered with a vast options list be it equipment, trim, exterior paint, and alloy wheels. So expect to fork out extra for expensive things you don’t really need because the M2 is first about the driving experience, options play little value, right? Wrong, options are money spinners for BMW and for those buyers who are weak-minded enough to go on an excessive options spending spree.

Nevertheless, the BMW M2 should be a fine driver’s car, but we’ve heard that narrative many times before. The BMW M140i was dreadful. Motoring journalists propped up the BMW M140i  myth for fear of losing access to BMW’s press fleet by giving it credit where non was deserved.

Anyway, the 2023 BMW M2 (G87) will be only offered in Competition spec, as such, it is rumored to have a launch price of £50,000 ($58K).

BMW M2 Coupe - Better than a shooting star?
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