BMW M140i Finale Edition is junk,
BMW To End Production of The Overated M140i With Finale Special Edition
Worst Car of the Week

The BMW M140i is so overrated it makes me want to puke. So why is it overrated? Well, I have driven the M140i. And I was so looking forward to the experience I couldn’t wait. In anticipation, I read all the reviews. They were positive. I… was excited. I always believe the press because they all went to journalism school and they know how to separate anecdotes from bullshit.

But when I finally got behind the wheel of the BMW M140i, it felt more like a horror show. The ride was lumpy. The handling was like treading in wet sand. And the body-roll was like excess fat.

And then there was the speed. The BMW M140i couldn’t muster speed if it was sent into orbit around the sun and used the sun’s gravity to slingshot out into deep space.

The problem here was or rather is the servile motoring press. We here believe they are way, way! too servile towards BMW. The M140i illustrates this perfectly.

The M140i is honest to goodness crap. However, the motoring press doesn’t want to say otherwise they lose access to BMW’s press fleet and clickbait. So even a crappy car like this BMW M140i is given a thumbs up.

If you want access to BMW and you are a motoring journalist then assume this posture…

Head down, no eye contact, shuffle into view and beg.

If you can find a ball and chain to wrap around both ankles, all the better.

And never say anything remotely negative about premium rubbish BMW cars. And don’t forget to beg a second time.

BMW M140i Finale Edition is junk, rear view,

We truly believe BMW lives in a bubble of their own making, where the sun is always shining, the skies are permanently blue, butterflies live freely and the grass is always green. A fantasy where an abundance of flowers and fruits yields a never-ending supply of happiness.

You know what? we can lie just as well… like… Dailycarblog is the best car blog in the world. Who’s going to believe that?

So why should you believe a motoring hack who says the BMW M140i is brilliant. Because they work for a respectable publication?

Thankfully the BMW M140i Finale Package is the end of this hot hatch nightmare.

We can only hope the next generation M140i-whatever will offer better premium luxury rubbish performance.

If you want to spend $44,000 USD on this, then we wish you luck.


BMW M140i Finale Edition is junk,
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