The Ford Ferrari Testarossa Mash Up
Worst Car of the Week
Remember the mash up rage? It was kind of like the ice bucket challenge of its time and like all trends that emanate from the internet, it quickly spreads and quickly becomes forgotten. We haven’t forgotten YOU! Cigar Guy. Cigar-Guy Taste is clearly something the owner of this car has forgotten, and in a big way. You should never mention Ford and Ferrari in the same sentence its like mixing oil and water, or mixing vernaculars because what you get is BURRRRGHHHHH! Ford-Crapi You see the owner of this Ford Capri, yes we did say Ford, was obviously sectioned at some point, escaped and in an act of desperation killed his Capri by dressing it up as a Ferrari Testarossa, perhaps to escape the UK under cover. If you don’t know what a Ford Capri is, then lets just say its a poor man’s version of the classic 1970’s Mustang, it was an attempt by Ford to bring a little bit of Americana into the UK. But it was no Mustang. I can just about remember the Capri, I never liked it then and I never liked it again, ever, and can’t understand the fanfare for this dustbin on wheels. Clearly this individual needs help, yet we can’t help but admire his handy work, it takes a high level of skill to fabricate a car not to look like another car, to look like another car. Its called a folly. Owner of the Ford, yes we did mention Ford, Ferrari mash-up, you have built yourself a folly and you ain’t fooling no one buddy, you also have the worst car of the week.  Ford-Crapi-Again
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