The Death of Aston Martin Is A Hybrid Future
Worst Car of the Week
The earth, our planetary home floating in the depths of a cold nuclear fueled galaxy. Humankind’s future is not related to technology advances, conflict resolution or fashion trends it is related to our finite time in this infinite universal life-cycle of extinction and resurrection. So what the hell are Aston Martin thinking of by co-developing a plug-in hybrid supercar that has an electric range 19 miles. Oh bloody hell Aston Martin! Has it really come down to the importance of 19 miles! Aston Martin have allowed one of thier suppliers, Bosch, to develop this affront, this attestation of so called progress. NO! say we… NO! Aston Martin is about the analogue age, it is about some of the most evocative sounding and engineered supercars money can buy. Aston is about the drama, the luxury and the beauty the V8 and the V12. What happens when you add an electric powerplant to an Aston is that you take away this sense of burbling drama, imagine a quiet V12 Vantage PHEV? it should not be made possible, it is an Orwellian thought crime. Why would anyone in their right mind want to travel 19 miles on electric power in a plug-in hybrid Aston Martin, you may as well take public transport. Or a tram. Or ride on the back of a dog. Hybrid supercars are already here, the McLaren P1, the Porsche 918 but our beloved Aston Martin doesn’t need to follow the crowd. Let this dinosaur roam free. After all dinosaurs lived for 135 million years and were only wiped out due to a freak of nature. Let Porsche and McLaren burden the environmental agenda. Look at it this way, when you make two powerplants for one purpose you are actually causing twice the amount of pollution just so the end user can have less guilt about causing pollution. The pollution has already been made prior to and during production. It doesn’t make any sense so why change a wining formula for a few grams of C02. What possible damage to the environment could a limited volume manufacturer do? Cows do more damage to mother earth, that’s a scientific fact. A hybrid Aston Martin isn’t progress, it isn’t fun and it will loose that dominant, ethereal and mysterious soundtrack. The Hybrid Aston Martin prototype, should it ever go into production, will be the meteor impact that will cause the death of Aston and its also the worst car of the week.  Aston-Martin-PHEV-DB9
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