The Real Fake, Fake Real CL65 AMG Fake
Worst Car of the Week
Oh dear, what is going on here. We see a lot of Worst Car of The Week ‘candidates’ you would be surprised to know that most of them are Mercedes owners and its either a case of pimped up frustration or just sheer madness. But this 2005 spec Mercedes CL AMG takes things to another level. Over sized self-build comedy rear wings are out and in this case beauty really is in the eye of the beholder and we just can not take our eyes of this, what ever it is. First of all this is not an AMG, there are a number of details that give it away. Obviously the rear wing needs no introduction, but the alloy wheels are wrong, the AMG etched into the side sills doesn’t exist in the original 500 limited edition examples and while the owner went to great lengths to proudly slap the AMG badge on the right he forgot the CL65 marking on the left. Oh and the CL65 has four exhaust tailpipes not two. The original CL65 AMG was a $180,000 dollar, V12 bi-turbo 604bhp monster. Owner of this CL AMG, if that model does exist, you have the worst car of the week.  WCOTW-CL65-AMG
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