Toyota Commit A Crime Against Carmanity With The Dreadful Looking Century
Worst Car of the Week
At first, we wondered if it was a bird, or if it was a plane or even if it was Superman. But you and I knew that Superman was a product of fiction. But we chose to believe in that fiction because fiction is always an escape, like taking cocaine or methamphetamines, because fictionalization is better than facing reality. A reality ilike buying a Ford motor vehicle is akin to committing suicide or really believing Donald J Trump wants to make America great again when in actuality he, and his Republican cohorts, want to turn the USA into a corporate oligarchy. Only then can you see why fiction is better than reality. And that’s what we thought the Japan-only Toyota Century was, a comedy car created for fun by Toyota or a non-Toyota person. A photoshop perhaps… but no… our smiles were wiped off the face of this world when it became clear that the Toyota Century is a real, fricking, car. Why would Toyota want to spend resources in developing this hideous monstrosity of a car? There is always an answer to a question, but we can’t find it. No answer can fully justify why Toyota made the Century let alone attempt to style it in such a laugh-out-loud way. Clearly, the styling is retro, 1980’s retro, but its an example of retro styling done badly… very badly. If it looks like a Bentley Azure and doesn’t go like a Bently Azure then clearly it isn’t a Bentley Azure. And what is it with the velvet interior? WTF! Underneath this hideous ode to joylessness is a Lexus LS, and don’t get me started with how Toyota ruined the styling of the new LS, which looks like it’s melting, but at least its original. However, the Toyota Century is lazy ass retro styling at it’s worst. Toyota, get off your backsides and style without ripping off a Bentley and if you make sure you don’t do it badly and because you have you have the Century is worst car of the week… possibly of the decade.  Toyot-Century-Worst-Car-of-The-Week-Dailycarblog
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