Ferrar-488-GTB- worst car of the week
Live Long And Prosper Ferrari 458 Italia
Worst Car of the Week
If you put a hole into the side of the Shard building, in London, its a hole in the side of the Shard. If you put a hole into the side of an air balloon, you end up putting a hole into the side of an air balloon. Similarly if you put a hole into a football you end up putting a hole… into a football. You get where we’re going with this right?… The Shard, the air balloon and the football don’t need holes put into the side of them as they function perfectly well without these additional and irrational design alterations. And that’s where the Ferrari 488 GTB has got it wrong, and got it wrong big time. The 458 Italia was and is a Ferrari that is instantly desirable not only for its performance but also for its exterior design. Here was a Ferrari, for the first time since the F40, that was a thing of pure beauty. For the first time in decades Ferrari had nailed their own myth too perfection and what a sight and what a sound. So what the HELL! have they done with the 488 GTB, they meaning you meaning Ferrari, yes YOU! Lets face it the 488 GTB is an update in the same way your Twitter App is updated, or the same way your mobile phone tariff is re-newed every month. What the 488 GTB is, is a slightly re-bodied 458 Italia. Liberty Walk can re-body a 458 Italia for you and you know what I prefer the Liberty Walk version. Gouging into the side of the 458 for the sake of in-your-face air intakes, that admittedly have engineering and aerodynamic benefits, is like finally coming to terms that One Direction can’t sing or publicly declaring you are a UK tax avoider knowing there will be no penalties or charges brought against you. Like imprisonment. Ferrari you have ruined the 458’s beauty for the sake of outlandish design masquerading as a necessity, that air-intake has ruined the 488’s styling its ruined my life and brought shame on the Shaolin Temple. Why oh why couldn’t the air-intakes take inspiration from the Testarossa. YOU Ferrari 488 GTB, or should I say a turbo powered version of the 458 Italia with outlandish body work, are the worst car of the week. …We’re back…  Ferrar-488-GTB- worst car of the week
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