Owner Kills His Ford Mustang With Horrific Customisation
Worst Car of the Week
Herman Melville, Booker T. Washington, Ralph Nader, Nat Turner, Darth Vader, John Steinbeck and Jean Luc Piccard. These are a few of the great Americans that put the ‘A’ into America. They may be known unknowns to you but in their own unique way their greatness is everlasting, it shows that America for all its negatives has many positives, that a great nation can strive for better things and inspire one generation to the next. So what the hell was this owner of a 2007 Ford Mustang thinking of when he decided to try his luck on customisation? Holly FCUK! This guy, whoever he is, is a total whack job. This hideous creation, this atrocity, this IS the real Americana represented by an individual without a social conscious or a streak of self awareness. The 2007 Ford Mustang is a good looking car and needs little ring fencing by these customised car maniacs. The Ford Mustang is every bit as influential as Steinbeck, Turner and Darth Vader. The Mustang isn’t just a car, it is freedom, it is power, classic muscle car, the tough guy that cry’s at classic Americana movie sentimentality. It seems that the guy who authored the customisation is a complete muscle head, did he not stop to think about what he was doing would actually affect decent minded people the world over? No! because he is a muscle head. Ford-Mustangrear--2007-WCOTW Did this Mustang owner ever decide to showcase his design talents? Very obviously he has no design expression or talent, because he is a muscle head. Did Leonard da Vinci paint a man with long hair or a woman in his celebrated work of Mona Lisa? No one will ever know just as we will never know if the owner of this freakish customised Ford Mustang is sane or insane. Owner of the really, really, really badly customised Ford Mustang, if an alien species were to make first contact tomorrow and come across your Mustang creation they would probably get the hell out of the Galaxy as fast they arrived. Then this alien species would probably perform stand-up in a comedy club back in their alien home world and joke about your Ford Mustang turning us, humankind, into an imaginable laughing stock in a far distant galaxy. Owner of the horrendously customised and cartoon looking Ford Mustang, you should become the President of Fifa or a pretend to be Sepp Blatter, anything else but an automotive customizer. You also are the owner of the worst car of the week.  Ford-Mustang-2007-WCOTW
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