Worst Hypercars of the Week
Worst Car of the Week
A successful multimillionaire businessman from Nottingham, which is in England-shire, is said to be the first person in the world to own the ‘holy trinity’ of Hypercars. The ‘holy trinity’ roll call is impressive and is made up of the McLaren P1, Ferrari La Ferrari and the Porsche 918 the combined value is £3m. They have also become the destroyers of the hypercar world. Hypercars are at the very limit of engineering, technology and design they are of their era and in a few years time they will be eclipsed. They should be admired not for there inherent value but for what they stand for, pushing the limits of knowledge and design in a way the Ford Fiesta could never match. Whats worse about Mr Nottingham successful businessman is that he went to the effort to publicise his brand new collection, what are we the mere mortals designed to do? clap in unison and then give backslapping praise? No, and we should not. You see Supercars and Hypercars should be heard then seen and then disappear as mysteriously as they appeared. That’s the appeal for those not able to afford one, the mystery. And those fleeting few seconds of seeing and hearing the elements of the earth combine into one mechanical form is what the appeal is about. Added to that is the fact that you may never see one again. For example, as a kid I once saw a Ferrari 250 GTO, that 250 GTO is burned into my memory. I see plenty of Vauxhall Corsa’s everyday but that Ferrari I will never see again. Whats wrong about the ‘holy trinity’ Hypercar collection is that we are admiring the success of Mr Nottingham, we have become narcissists and its now all about the money, well in truth it always is. You see success always finds unexpected friends, many are there just to fleece off success and others are there just to back slap success and give false praise. Mr Nottingham, successful businessman and multimillionaire you are a publicity seeking narcissist and you have wrought shame on the mystery that is the Hypercar, you also have the worst cars of the week.  Worst-Hypercars-of-the-week
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