Renault capture
Why You Shouldn’t Buy A Renault And Why You Shouldn’t Buy The New Captur
Worst Car of the Week

The Renault Captur… How is it so? How can it be that I can never, ever forgive Renault for the lamentable and terminally dire Laguna. It was an awful ownership experience. Blown turbo, an exercise in cost-cutting and planned obsolescence and rust. I should know I replaced the turbo and in doing so found a car that was slowly rusting from the inside out. Every component, every nut, and bolt was costed to a point where you might as well not have any bolts or nuts at all.

And the cost cutting is still happening today, indeed former CEO Carlos Ghosn relished having the unofficial title of being referred to as the Le Cost Cutter. It meant Renault could project itself to the world’s financial markets and institutions as a profits corporate entity first who screws the buyer. And all current Renaults are built to this philosophy, to this day. Investors thrive on confidence, and a Renault made cheaply is more profits and less of a car. Genius.

Don’t believe the marketing or the advertising, of course, they serve to spread a false narrative to sell the Renault brand. But all the clever marking in the world can’t stop the truth from emerging. For example, in 2016 Renault was accused of manipulating the measurement equipment for NOx pollution from its diesel cars.

Independent tests proved Renault diesel cars exceeded legal European emission limits for nitrogen oxide (NOx) by more than 10 times. And do you know what Renault is offering now? A plugin hybrid Renault Captur… WTF!?

It now appears Renault desires to promote their socially conscious, pot-smoking, nature-loving hippy, ethically sourced coffee drinking, vegan eating, we can’t do anything wrong, we deny everything… side. This pollute-kill-deny philosophy is classic and perpetual corporate ethics.

However, reputations can be repaired, we all have short memories. Renault, pollution? what pollution. Let them go hybrid and Greenpeace will love them for it. But there are those who don’t forget.

Above all the corporate ethics is that the Capture looks like it’s been designed by focus group, trolley shopping, parking space marauders. You know the type of Dudley-do-gooder-Church-going-hypocrites. Or in other words, Brexit type-people.

Don’t buy a Renault, they are not reliable cars, they are bought by lost souls searching for a mother and child parking space and most of all they are unreliable. I would rather beg on the street and entertain monkeys than ever buy another Renault.

I don’t need to drive the latest Renault to see if they have made any improvements since the Laguna. Because I know they have, but a Renault will always be a Laguna no matter what technology they throw at it. And for that reason, the Renault Captur is the worst car of the week.

Renault capture
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