Custom Hot Mini Stretches Boundaries of Originality
Worst Car of the Week
Customising a Vauxhall Corsa is fine, customising a Pontiac Firebird is a no brainer, customising your hair style, hey why the hell not. And if you are going to customise a Mk II Mini, well think again, the original Mini Cooper S is becoming rare and they should be preserved for future generations to gawp at. The owner of this Mk II 1970 Mini Cooper S loved it so much that he decided to strip it of its dignity and customise it in the same way a pet owner gets their late and beloved cat, or dog, taxidermied. Think of this custom Mini as a really badly taxidermyed cat, or dog, with fluffy ears. ZR Auto are the people behind this folley, they specialise in all things customised, we don’t have an issue with that, but there is beauty in originality which has been lost in this so called ‘HotMini’. Canadian based ZR Auto’s founder, Zahir Rahna, spent $100,000 dollars on modification work and boosted the horsepower to 400bhp., the original Mk II Mini Cooper S had about 74bhp. Owner of this taxidermied, Frankenstein Mini Cooper, you have the worst car of the week.  WCOTHW-August-Wk1
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