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Dacia Sandero is Crowned Car of The Year by What Car?
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If you are a motoring journalist… what personal hell have you entered to step forward and exclaim that the Dacia Sandero is Car of the year 2021? After millions of years of evolution, your short time on this planet, your pivotal moment in the overarching history of humanity is spent telling the rest of humanity that the Dacia Sandero is the best car of the year, at least for the United Kingdom. We do not know if this is an example of manufacturing consent or corporate propaganda or simply stenography. All three are one and the same. 

The Dacia brand is a miserable experience, not because it is cheap because it is pure misery. How anyone person can say for certain that the Dacia Sandero is the best car of the year is not too dissimilar to saying 2020 was the best year ever recorded. What metric can reverse crap? I don’t know of any. For the Dacia Sandero, there is no magic wand, there is no Cinderella, a pumpkin really is a pumpkin. And a Frog really is a Frog, not Prince under an evil spell.

The Dacia brand is and always will be an exercise in cost-cutting and labor exploitation. That’s why the Dacia brand was reborn and how the business was conceived by the corporation’s erstwhile criminal fraudster Carlos Ghosn. The problem isn’t the Dacia Sandero’s shantytown cheapness. Just don’t kid anyone it’s going to better than more expensive rivals because shit has no rivals.

Dacia Sandero - Worst Car - Daily Car Blog
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