Land Rover Defender Looses Its Masculinity In Fashion Faux Pas
Worst Car of the Week
The Land Rover Defender has and always will be a masculine car, I mean just look it. It isn’t dainty its tough always ready for a hard days work and when the shift has ended it will be ready again for another tough shift after an hours rest. This is the Defender, its a work horse that has endured a production run of almost 67 years which will come to an end later this year. So the powers that be at Land Rover decided it was time to give the Defender a bespoke make over overseen by the British fashion designer and long time Defender fan, Paul Smith. Fashion is a highly subjective industry because fashion trends are often short lived. In the 20th Century the greatest fashion period was the 1960’s everything from then on was a disaster by comparison, from the gaudy 70’s to the unimaginative 80’s and the pastel age uncertainty of the 1990’s. The 21st century is a mix of all of the 20th century’s triumphs and disasters, but fashion designers are a unique bunch who er on the side of pretentiousness. For them its all about the colour pallet, mood boards and an extra dash of pretentiousness. With out these (I admit they are stereotypical) fault lines fashion designers wouldn’t be…fashion designers. That is why the likes of Paul Smith should stick to his industry because the fashion brain is truly geared towards the art, the automotive industry by comparison is clinical, lacking in compassion and all about selling and selling as much as it can get away with. But that hasn’t stopped Land Rover teaming up with Paul Smith to create this cross-industrial mashup. And its wrong, just plain wrong, it represents every thing that is wrong about the 21st Century which seems to look back instead of what is yet to be discovered. This Paul Smith and Land Rover Defender collaboration has been feminized by the desire to create a more equal society and in doing so the Defender’s masculine DNA has been lost in a desert of pretentiousness. Men are no longer men we are a dying species, our last rights were severed when we started becoming more accustomed to wearing men’s perfume because of the David Beckham effect. Men started to loose their masculine ways when they actually believed reality TV shows like TOWIE and Made In Chelsea were actually real and not staged. We, the male folk, have lost the masculine age to the likes of male celebrities who grace the covers of magazines showing their caring side so we can be seen as being more equal. But in reality we don’t live in an equal society because women haven’t broken through the glass ceiling or do not have equal pay rights and black men are still being shot before being given the right to prove their innocence. And likes of the Jeremy Clarkson’s who still have a little England mentality towards the Irish. And this is what the Land Rover Defender by Paul Smith is, its like witnessing an ebbing away of mankind’s masculinity to fit into a more gender specific “everything is equal world”. The Defender has always been and always shall be about the age of masculine belligerence, its the chest on your hair vehicle a go anywhere thug who suppresses his true feelings. It is the ultimate “man” car for men before we were told how to brush our hair and why we should grow beards. The Land Rover Defender by Paul Smith has been stripped of its masculinity and given a pair of fake eye lashes with too much make up. And that is why you Land Rover Defender are the worst car of the week.  Land-Rover-Defender-Paul-Smith
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