BMW 7 Series Owner’s Road To Perdition
Worst Car of the Week
We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, of the amount of WCOTW candidates out there most are from German premium brands. We don’t know why. Perhaps its the issue of people wanting to be associated with such a distinguished brand like Mercedes or as in this case the BMW 7 Series. WCOTW isn’t an automotive history lesson nor is it designed to tell you how to fix your car or inform you how an engine, gearbox or camshaft works. No, sir, its a simple formula, we just criticize the damnation out of car owners, why? we suffer because they made us suffer and this is our cathartic retribution. But sometimes it goes beyond that,  as this air/dam, bonnet airdam, headscoop or what ever the hell this BMW 7 Series owner thinks he has. Hood based Air-dams are designed to cool and increase engine performance, not so for this BMW owner because that god-damn air dam is most probably decorative and if you decorate your car to make it look fast then you need physiological help or probably just go out and buy a supercar. To try and make a BMW 7 Series look sporty, when it clearly isn’t, is like trying to claim Mars has a breathable and Earth like habitable atmosphere with water and flowers and Apples growing from trees. Like the owners private number plate hints, we think he’s taking the PISDA. BMW 7 Series supercar wannabe, you ain’t foolin’ anyone and you need a reality check bud, you also have the worst car of the week. The stripes, whats with the strips! On a 7 Series?  BMW-7-Series-M-Sport
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