Billionaires champagne box
This Rolls Royce Champagne Box For Billionaires Is As Hideous As It Looks & Sounds
Worst Car of the Week

This hideous creation is from the Bespoke division of Rolls Royce Motor Cars. It is a handmade champagne chest, an optional extra if one is so inclined to indulge one’s self. We do not doubt the craftsmanship and effort that has gone into making it. It is hideous because it costs £37,000 Brexit GBP. They say you shouldn’t drink and drive but if you are rich enough to afford a Rolls Royce then you are probably socially well connected. And happen to be part of the millionaires or billionaires club.

These social connections aren’t Twitter or Instagram, it isn’t Roy from the local Pub, it isn’t Puneet from the local corner shop. It isn’t the local drug trading pimp, it isn’t Mrs. Meriwether the Churchgoer who raises donations for international charities but is secretly racist.

These social connections are the High Court Judge, Politicians, high society drug dealers like Jodie Kidd (who doesn’t do that anymore). Or it those high net worths who dine and strangle one another at expensive fish restaurants like Scotts of Mayfair.

No, if you can afford to buy a Rolls Royce you can also afford to spend £37,000 Brexit GBP on a wooden box. The main purpose of alcohol is to get right-royally drunk. To that end, why not buy a four pack from the local Tesco?

NO! if you own a Rolls Royce only a handcrafted bespoke elegance of a  wooden box is good enough to get drunk. A 4-pack doesn’t cut the mustard and is far too common. But the other issue this £37k box represents is income inequality. There are 36 million-millionaires in this world at this moment and time.

Collectively this group of wealthy elites owns as much wealth as 46 percent of the world despite making up 1 percent of the world’s population. But that fades into comparison when you include the super elite, the billionaire class.

Rolls Royce Billionaires

There are an estimated 800 individual billionaires on this here planet Earth. This group of individuals has a combined net worth of $5 trillion dollars. That’s larger than the German economy. This wealth disparity of the average worker hasn’t been seen since the time of the Pharaohs.

So how has this super elite of billionaires risen? Over the past 40 years, wages have stagnated. In addition, businesses have lobbied (bribed politicians) to keep wages low on top of low corporate taxes. That tax black hole burden is then placed upon the shoulders of the taxpayer.

So you average working person, you have essentially funded the rise of the billionaire class to such disproportionate levels never before seen. And this bloody Rolls Royce champagne box for billionaires, with its French polish finish and it’s caviar treats, it’s a slap in the face to everyone who has bailed out the billionaire class when they messed up and robbed the financial system in 2008.

We’re not left-leaning or right-leaning, for us, it’s about the sense of imbalance that is wrong. What this beautifully made but ultimately pitiful champagne box represents is stagnation. And that’s why you Rolls Royce and your bloody Champagne box, and your pandering to billionaires, that’s why you are the worst something of the week.

Billionaires champagne box
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