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Dreadful Looking A7 Sedan is An Ultra Rare Mistake By Audi
Worst Car of the Week

It is with a heavy heart that we place the Audi A7 sedan into the category of the worst car of the week. We never imagined this day would happen and we are struggling to take it all in. The Audi A7 sedan is an abomination, a rare styling mistake from a brand consistently “killing it” if one can use such “street” language. This particular Audi A7 is built in China for the Chinese market. Audi will use the defense of consumer research revealing Yin this and Yang that. But this endeavor is two opposites combining to form a hideous-looking outcome. We initially thought it to be one of those “avin-a-laugh” concept renders. But it’s for real.

We do not blame the designers, we blame executive stress, marketing, sales, the Audi balance sheet, profit and loss and the accountants. One can only assume it is cheaper to retro-engineer a sticky-out boot than to design and engineer an entirely new body. In terms of load capacity, the A7 Sportback was already more than capable with a boot capacity bigger than a bloody awful VW Tiguan. The A7 Sportback is a styling masterpiece. The A7 Sedan is a mere afterthought. Whoever greenlit this project doesn’t matter, that it was greenlit at all is a big concern.

Audi A7 Sedan - Rear View - WCOTW - Dailycarblog

Audi’s styling philosophy is very simple, and it is that simplicity and minimalism that is core to the brand’s identity. Thankfully this Audi A7 sedan disaster will only ever be sold in China. Audi… you had us with the A7 Sportback… but the A7 sedan… why Audi, why!?

Audi A7 Sedan - WCOTW - Dailycarblog
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