The Audi A5 And The Curse of The Pointless Rear Wing
Worst Car of the Week
Ordinarily the Audi A5 is an elegant looking car, those simple flowing, coupe lines  are timeless and that’s the way how the A5 should remain, you wouldn’t add an extension to the Sistine Chappel or you wouldn’t put a water fountain in the river Ganges. So why in the name of hell this car owner decided to pimp his 2.0 litre, TDi, Audi A5 is beyond reason, and when we say pimp we mean not in your face pimping, but pimping of the most subtle nature which is just as bad as really bad auto pimping. WCOTW-AUDI-A5-Wing The rear spoiler is totally unnecessary, it doesn’t add any net benefits other than being a vanity structure its what we in the UK call a ‘folly’, what purpose this wing serves, other than adding drag, is beyond the reach of the most thoughtless. Owner of the pointless rear-winged A5, you have the worst car of the week.  
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