The Jaguar XF That Thinks Its A Rolls Royce
Worst Car of the Week

When we saw this Jaguar for sale in a trade rag our eyes popped out of our sockets, cartoon style, and we laughed as much as we cried as much as we scratched our heads. It is a Jaguar XF, the original colour was silver, however the owner took it upon himself to have the bottom half color wrapped in red.

Wrapping a car in different shades of colors is becoming popular among certain folk. We say you wrap a Doritos, you wrap a band-aid around a cut finger, you wrap anything but a car except if it is worth around £500 pounds, your name is Kevin and you’re about 17 years old.


We believe the owner was trying to recreate a two toned Rolls Royce, whereas Rolls Royce employs the best designers in the business, people who independently wrap their cars in a moment of creativity are not usually the best design minds around.

Not even an oil Sheikh would two tone his car with such a hideous in your face bright red. A Premiership footballer may well do so but we think this two tone colour scheme looks wrong, very wrong.

Owner of the two tone wrapped Jaguar XF, if you want to recreate a Rolls Royce ‘look’ we suggest you buy one and leave the design work to the professionals, and you also have the worst car of the week.

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