The Badly Modified Bentley Continental GT
Worst Car of the Week
They say money can never buy happiness, whoever “they” are, are plain wrong. Money can buy you happiness. They also say money can never buy you style. Wrong again. Money can buy you style. Designer style. What money can never buy you is sanity, look at this customised Bentley, once upon a time it was owned and cherished, but like a Hollywood superstar who wakes up one morning, looks into the mirror and says “I need plastic surgery” when none is required, its proof of mental instability. That’s exactly what happened to the owner of this horrifically modified Bentley Continental GT, he/she woke up one morning looked at his/her pride and joy felt it could be improved upon. He or she failed. This Bentley Continental GT has been pulled and stretched more times than Joan Rivers, its been stretched out of proportion so that it now reflects the nightmares its owner suffered from or continues to suffer from. Everything about it is wrong, the headlights, grille, bumpers, damn it just everything. Thankfully the interior remains unchanged and the 6.0-litre, V12, 700bhp slaughterhouse survived a bombardment of deranged modification. This Bentley first went on sale in Spain, around 2013, with a list price of 300,000 euros! More insanity. Somewhere out there is an axis of automotive evil. Current owner of the the badly modified Bentley Continental GT, you should be charged with crimes against humanity, and you have the worst car of the week.  WCOTW-Streched-Continetal-GT
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