Lexus IS Man Needs Help With Design Skills
Worst Car of the Week
You do not go to the Wimbledon Tennis finals dressed as a Liverpool Football Mascot, you do not walk on the surface of the Moon dressed in Bermuda shorts and you do not consume tea without at least a slice of cake or Oreo. And you do not take a perfectly good car and modify it for no reason because a team of designers and engineers have spent millions of pounds/dollars getting said perfectly good car developed, so you don’t have to. Lexus IS man thinks otherwise as these images from a popular trade rag shows. Its all wrong, its almost criminal in its wrongness. Clearly this owner has never heard of racing stripes otherwise he wouldn’t have attached a black table cloth on the bonnet, where’s the artistry? But it gets worse, the black table cloth extends to the rear boot section and the roof, but it seems for this owner beauty is in the eye of the beholder only we can’t see what he sees. But it gets worser, with the addition of the pointless rear wing. ITS A DIESEL FOR CHRIST SAKES!… Lexus-IS-WCOTW-2014-CThe agony doesn’t end there, if you want to get an insight into just how bad this owners taste gets then look at that bespoke interior, yep our jaws hit the floor too. Lexus-IS-WCOTW-2014-BOwner of the Lexus IS “Speedster” you need help with your design skills, or take up smoking “pot” instead, you also have the Worst Car of the Week.  Lexus-IS-WCOTW-2014-A
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