Apple Branded Car? No Thanks
Worst Car of the Week
Pause for thought for just one minute and ask yourself this question. Would you buy a car made by McDonalds? Would you buy a car made by Cigar Guy? Or would you buy a car made by a bunch of clowns? The answer is of course no. So would you be willing to buy a car made by Apple? Personally I would say no, but I feel ‘Apple-nistas’ the world over would willing to do so because these tech nerds are so in-tuned with everything Apple they would most certainly buy the sweat from the drones of under paid, en-slaved, Apple factory employees. Apple are experts in making sleek looking smartphones and through the power of marketing overcharging you for a phone that is woefully underpowered. And that’s the same guiding principle an Apple car would follow. You will never see a V8 powered Apple car, because it will never be made. You see Apple are said to be considering building a car, presumably with four wheels. The company has taken steps at least to ensure that they are investigating  just what it takes to make and build a car, a-la Tesla. Do you remember bend-gate? This is where the iPhone 6 was prone to bending. And think about it, what if Apple did make a car, would it bend? and would you see people on YouTube dropping an Apple car from a designated height to see if the windows smashed? Most probably yes. The idea that I would want to buy an Apple car is so distant in my mind that its probably more realistic for me to become the President of Zimbabwe. Or even to challenge Kim Jong-Un to an eating contest where I would be allowed to win without fear of being shot by a dancing bear with a rocket launcher. The idea of an Apple car is, even the very thought of it, an arrestable offence for anyone who likes cars and that’s why its the worst car (not yet in production) of the week.  Apple-Car
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