A £50k Renault Is Just Too Much To Pay For A Renault, Don’t Be Stupid Enough To Do So
Worst Car of the Week
As much as we want to like the Renault A110… we cant, we don’t even like the name it sounds very logical and let’s face it, the French are very passionate, which is probably just a myth as they are really miserable sods because they enjoy being miserable and looking down on immigrants. Nevertheless, the A110 celebrates a period when Renault actually thought about making proper cars. Today Renault makes nothing-burger cars and actually the A110 is the passion that is missing from their current line up. But I wouldn’t buy one, I wouldn’t buy a £50k Renault if you paid me, I would return the money to you and I would advise you not to make a charitable contribution. Renault-Alpine-A110-Profile-Dailycarblog Charities are run by well-meaning fraudsters who do the wrong things for the right reasons in order to inflate their own importance to justify paying unjustifiable wages. These charities are almost always run by the white and the privileged who are seeking to use the cover of working for charity to gain a knighthood. So what has the above got to do with the Renault A110, like giving money to a charity is a waste of time so too is buying a £50k Renault. Having owned Renaults in the past almost always there is a reliability issue and almost always the turbo blows. Renault-Alpine-A110-Interior-Dailycarblog That’s because Renault quite often does the wrong things for the wrong reasons and guess what? the A110 is powered by a 1.8-litre, 4-cylinder turbocharged engine which is good for 252PS remember, Renault Turbo, so be warned, stay away. Renault says the A110 is lightweight, but its made from aluminum which was lightweight 20 years ago. Today carbon-fiber is the material of choice for proper lightweight cars. So again, to save money Renault did the wrong thing for the right corporate reason. Renault-Alpine-A110-Dailycarblog Don’t be stupid and fall into the A110 trap, thankfully it will be limited to  1,995 editions, but will like it because it “goes sides”you can make a donkey goe sideways by shooting it in the side, but don’t it’s animal cruelty and wrong. If you want a lightweight car that goes sideways then go for a Mazda MX-5 and save your self some money in the process. Or just buy a donkey, a little donkey.  Renault-Alpine-A110-Motional-Dailycarblog
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