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Aston Martin Betray Omega With Trashy New Allegiance To Tag Heuer
Worst Car of the Week

Sacré bleu! we thought this day would never arise. We always believed Aston Martin would forever be associated with one watchmaker. Omega. Omega is the only watch brand you should wear when driving your Aston Martin. If you can not afford an Aston Martin but can afford a high-quality Swiss watch then no other watch will do, it has to be an Omega.

Let me say we are not promoting Omega, we have no business relationship with them, hell this writer (aka me) can not even afford an Apple Watch, Series 1,2,3 or 4. Hell, I hold up my pants using a moth-eaten string. That’s how poor motoring journalists are. But that doesn’t mean to say I should not have opinions and use a little known, perhaps little read but award-winning-top-quality-car-blog as a platform to voice such opinions. (that was a long sentence) James Bond, Tag Heuer vs Omega, Dailycarblog.com We here at DCB are very concerned about this new strategic marketing relationship Aston Martin has initiated with Tag Heuer. Nothing wrong with a Tag watch. But you see, Tag Heuer make watches with… batteries. Not worthy of Aston Martin nor James Bond. If you ever decide to buy a Swiss watch it has to have a mechanical movement. Do not consider a Swiss watch brand that sells a quartz watch for over £1,000. Only stupid people would do so. As a matter of course, a Swiss watch brand should have a mechanical movement in every timepiece within its collection. A mechanical caliber movement is precision microengineering, a sign of quality and excellence. Personally, I still prefer a mechanical watch, I can’t afford, over a digital watch, I can’t afford. James Bond, Omega, Dailycarblog.com Thankfully the TAG Heuer Carrera Calibre Heuer 01 Aston Martin Special Edition features a mechanical movement. But its the stupidest name for a watch we’ve ever heard and that alone disqualifies it from being associated with Aston Martin. You buy an Aston Martin, you buy an Omega. Simple. For example. If you buy a Bentley you should buy a Breitling. It’s called heritage. Well, actually it’s marketing and monetisation. But such an association has been forged for decades. But what about if you buy say… a Renault? what timepiece should you consider? Your options are severely limited, you could either end up in jail or face the prospect of being shot. Just don’t buy a Renault. Aston Martin is James Bond and Bond’s preferred timepiece is and always will be Omega and that’s why you Aston Martin Tag Heuer are the worst car/watch/timepiece of the week.  
 James Bond, Omega, Dailycarblog.com
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