The Mercedes S63 AMG Black That Never Woz
Worst Car of the Week
You don’t really need to wear a Rolex on a beach holiday, you don’t really need to fly standard class on a long haul flight and you certainly don’t need to eat at Heston Blumenthal’s five star Michelin Fat Duck restaurant. The Rolex, refusing to fly standard class and the Fat Duck the’re all for show in the same manner the Roman Empire built great cities and architecture all of it was a show of power and wealth. At the same time AD we British were living in mud huts with straw roofs, that was plenty good enough for our barbarian ancestors. The conquest of Britain by the Roman Empire laid low our ancestor’s merge iron age aspirations and set forth the advent of ancient consumerism AD. Fast forward a millennium and it is the German’s who are doing the same thing. The gold and the jewels have been replaced by cars. Merc-S63-AMG-C The irony is the Roman historians regarded German barbarians as the worst of worst, running naked into battle without a clue of how to conduct warfare and how to engage a disciplined Roman army. One can draw many more ironies on the latter. In the end we were all defeated by modern Germany because they create cars that we want and unfortunately some owners of German luxury auto brands create something else entirely. Take this 2008 S63 AMG L we saw advertised in a UK trade rag, only look closer and you will notice its been modified and its the type of modification you know is a mod and its wrong just plain wrong. It isn’t an S63 at all just a bog standard S Class 5.0-Litre V8 made to look like a S63 AMG. The w221 doesn’t need all of ……that…or….this. WTF! Merc-S63-AMG-D You can argue its a job well done and kudos to the owner for making the effort, but its a little like entering a donkey into the Grand National. The real cause of injustice are the V12 AMG insignia and the Brabus branding its like taking a suit from Tesco or Walmart ripping the label off and sewing in a designer label from Ralph Lauren. Its all utterly pointless which takes us back to where we began, owner of the wannabe S63 AMG that isn’t an S63 AMG you really don’t need to layer a decent car like your’re adding cream to a cake and you also have the worst car of the week.  Merc-S63-AMG-A
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