Jaguar F Type AWD, The Modern Day Sword of Damocles
Worst Car of the Week

The Jaguar F Type is a sports car Jaguar should have been making ten years ago, its better late than never. The F Type is a classic Jag for the modern era and will sit proudly in the annuals of British sports car history in this time and beyond. 

The Jaguar AWD is plain wrong, like its wrong to throw a cat off a tall building to see if falls on its feet, or it’s wrong to admit you actually do watch the X-Factor and Strictly Come Dancing. At the same time.

Jaguar has become a “power” brand but those who seek power will only ever find it to be an illusion, in the same way, the Sword of Damocles was an insight into the illusion of power.

Jaguar’s Sword of Damocles is the AWD F Type Coupe. No sir, we can not and will not bear to think that all rear-wheel drive Jaguar sports car enthusiasts and owners, present and past, believe in the values of all-wheel-drive.

All-wheel-drive cars are driven by dentists, car thieves and school-run parents, you should never ever make an all-wheel-drive sports car, let me tell you why.

You can not replace the rear-wheel-drive thrill, that momentary existence between excitement and danger, its not about the speed its about knowing that you have to have the right amount of skill to control all that power focused too the rear wheels. Its no illusion of power, its unbridled power.

A rear-wheel F Type is all about the thrill, that sound and the danger beneath, OK so traction control takes a bit of the fun out of the equation, but what kind of a man drives an all-wheel-drive sports car? A woman that’s who.

Our safety-driven society is in danger of becoming fearful, but fear turns to anger, anger turns hate and hate turns to suffering.

Making an AWD Jaguar F Type is like putting a pair of stabilizers on Valentino Rossi’s Moto GP bike.

AWD Jaguar F Type, you are the antithesis of everything that makes the standard F Type a modern classic and you are also the worst car of the week.

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