The Ford Focus RS Erodes American Muscle Car Values
Worst Car of the Week
M&Ms, Eminem, iPhone 6, Facebook, Google all examples of Americana served on a platter and tasted world wide by a huge user base. Its understandable why Google works for people all over the world, and Facebook too. These are examples of how to integrate American values and quite literally share it around the world whilst these companies share our details to governments. For a nice tidy fee. The new Focus RS, when it arrives next year, will also be shared across the world including the US of A and this is wrong, just plain wrong. Making the Ford Focus RS available in the U.S. is like saying Cricket is fast becoming popular in all 50 states. You should never offer a European developed performance Ford Focus in the land of the free, America is about Dixie Land, country and western music, racial unrest,  diners that offer a menu list as long as computer code and big V8 powered muscle cars. This isn’t about the horsepower stakes its about the erosion of the American car culture by the suited marketing men who want to shove a 4-cylinder, “hot hatch” down the throats of our American cousins. And you know what, Americans don’t understand the concept of a hot hatch and why should they have to. They gave us the Chevy Camaro SS, Ford Mustang Boss 351, Smokey & The Bandit, Cannonball Run (I and II), The Fast & The Furious and what did we in Europe give back? World War I and II, the cold war and now to top off the list the Ford Focus RS. You can dress up the RS in aggressive body work, you can add the latest engineering technology to aid handling dynamics. You can offer 0% finance but you will never convince Americans East or West, Mid-State or even Phoenix Arizonians to accept what is a foreign concept over a tried and tested big ugly V8 powerplant. Ford already offer the Mustang with a non V8 engine, which is like trying take Jersey Shore seriously. And do you think for a moment “redneck” America will ever take the RS seriously either. General Lee would be turning in his grave and Boss Hog would send out those arrest warrants to anyone foolish enough to drive an RS through his jurisdiction. What the Ford Focus RS is and what it will become is an automotive version of the Big Mac, a world wide take away eaten by U.S. reality watching, smartphone owning junkies. It works elsewhere in the world but not there, not in America. America gave us the V8 powered muscle car era, it also gave us the Vietnam war, George Bush probably Ebola and reality TV show clones. And we gave them the Ford Focus RS “mi casa es su casa.” Ford Focus RS when you become available in America, for the first time ever, you will become a global product strategy conspiracy full of innovation and most probably competitively priced. You are no V8 muscle car and will inevitably be driven by muscle heads and you are also the worst car of the week.  2016-Ford-Focus-RS-dailycarblog
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