The Frankenstein Ferrari 458 Italia
Worst Car of the Week
The Eiffel Tower, Micheal Angelo’s statue of David, the Pyramids of Egypt, imagine if these world monuments were defaced through barbarism or worse given a corporate make-over by tax dogging companies like Costa Coffee. There is no need to modify the Eiffel Tower, no need to improve the Statue of David and no need to build a contemporary modern extension on the any of Egypt’s Pyramids. This Ferrari 458 was meant to be a thing of beauty, perhaps the first Ferrari in decades where the styling doesn’t make you pause for thought because its a wonder to behold visually just as the design and engineering teams at Marrenello intended. Unfortunately some people don’t see it that way and believe they can better the best but how can you better the Ferrari 458? By modifying it? Take this modified Ferrari 458 Italia, its had a full body “lobotomy”. LB Performance, a Japanese tuning company, have turned the living into the dead with this Frankenstein supercar. The body work has been seemingly sutured and riveted with unnecessary body panels in an attempt to widen the 458’s stance and the chassis has been lowered so that now the wheels fit like a shoe size too small. Its wrong to to ruin perfection and that’s why modifiers of the LB Performance Ferrari 458 Italia have created the worst car of the week.  LB-Works-Ferrari-458-WCOTW
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