Google AI Robot is born
Google Creates A Semi Sentient A.I. Robot

Omnipotent tech giant Google is slowly marching us all to a face ID, digital ID future we never signed up for. Although we did sign up for this Google future. None of us who use Android or other free-to-use software, be it on mobile or PC ever bothered to read the small print. We all merely swiped away or checked the tick box without bothering to read the contractual details.

And now, through the accumulated data mined from millions and millions of mobile and PC users, Google has created a digital distillation of all users who have ever used its Android operating system and search functions. Google’s A.I. is us, all of us a data-driven language model destined to change the future.

Most recently, Google has created a robot fused with an A.I. brain. While the A.I. robot looks fairly simple, it is an evolutionary small step to a future we don’t yet fully understand. YouTuber Cold Fusion explains more about this interesting and possibly terrifying look into the future.

Google AI Robot is born
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