MKBHD reviews the 2022 Electric Hummer
MKBHD Tests The Absurdly Huge Electric Hummer

The Electric Hummer is a plus 4,000kg electric truck with a pickup-style rear cargo area. And according to its tester (a certain MKBHD) it is “absurdly huge”. Prices for the electric Hummer start at $110,000 USD and for that, you get a fully loaded Yank Tank with a 200kWh battery pack. That’s double the battery capacity of any Tesla.

The massive battery pack gives the 4-tonne vehicle the ability to cover 0-60mph in just 3 seconds which is absurdly insane. Additionally, the Hummer EV can easily manage a range of 330 miles on a single charge. However, MKBHD, asks the question who is the Electric Hummer for?

At first, he is kind of not too enthralled at the prospect of owning one if he had the choice, which he does. He eventually draws a line in the sand by equating the Hummer EV to a video game. That is a big thumbs up from the Lord of all tech nerds.

MKBHD reviews the 2022 Electric Hummer
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